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LugSpecialist - premium Wheel Lug Nut

THANKS TO U BROS WHO CONTRIBUTED YOUR PHOTO's of the RIMS + MCGARD LOCK NUTS !! Please watsapp me for more pics

Please look further if u are considering
- Racing nuts
- lock nuts
- Wheel Clamps (NEW)

LugSpecialist will provide the assistance that you need including providing workshop assistance in the installation, consultation in the proper way of installation and loss of key assistance to warranty matters. I am here to stay ! You can be assured of No. 1 service.

1) MCGARD lug nuts are designed for quality and durability.

Please read on if u purchased/or going to purchase an expensive set of Japanese rims / wheels / Tires !! u need a light set of lug nuts.

The only lug nuts where the manufacturer warrants their products.

So why take the risk with other lug nuts where u can get the premium at that or lower price ?

1) MCGARD Wheel Lock Nuts

Premium quality and security with the design for your new set of wheels !

Real Life Examples of Wheels stolen around the World (Don't let that happen to u!)

Premium Colors :
New Color - GOLD !! Wheel lock nuts
Blue - But no lock nuts - only Splinedrive (30% lighter with all the features as summarized below)
Red - But no lock nuts - only Splinedrive
Black Installation Kit*
Black Tuner Lug Nuts, no lock (16 pcs)
Black Tuner Wheel Lock Nuts (4 pcs)
Chrome Tuner Wheel Lock Nuts (4 pcs)
Chrome Installation Kit*
Chrome Tuner Lug Nuts, no lock (16 pcs)

*Installation Kit includes : Set of 16 or 12 SplineDrive Lug Nuts, 1 Installation Tool, 4 Wheel Locks and 1 key

Spline Lug Nuts :
A no-compromise design engineered to fit small diameter recesses in new tuner wheels. SplineDrive lug nuts offer a closed-end design, maximum gripping power, more stud engagement and a greater seating surface than socket style lug nuts. In addition they're 30% lighter in weight. SplineDrive lug nuts take safety, dependability and good looks to the next level.

Serious theft protection for your valuable tuner wheels and tires.
Closed-end design and narrow groove key patterns for maximum security.
Small diameter lock and key design fits close tolerance lug holes.
Weight matched to SplineDrive lug nuts.

If u Buy from shops here - easily 400 (I have done the ground work for u guys). Go check it out. A 4 piece mcgard lock lug nuts already 100 plus dollars from shops. Some shops selling the set for > 400 dollars. 2nd hand for 250.
Q) Why settle for an ordinary when u can get the premium brand ?


Pictures of Mcgard Nuts installed - Thanks to the bros here !!


Too many different colors and configurations @ different price so please sms me so that I can give u the price for each.

General FAQ :

1) Are the nuts original ?
Yes ! There is a lock nut serial number where u can call to confirm !
The mcgard nuts are embossed with mcgard.

2) What if I lost my Key to the lock Nuts ?
Please keep your certificate safe. Lugspecialist will assist to procure your key. Please note that there will be a service charge and the cost of the key charged to u.

3) Why buy from me ?
Lugspecialist provide the assistance as much as possible.

4) Pictures ?
Am Still trying out how to attach pictures. So in the mean time, WATSAPP or sms me with you email and I will send some bllink blink pictures to u ! Thanks to all our bros here !

5) Installation Guidelines
Important to note :

Install By hand, install a McGard Wheel Lock onto each wheel. Use one lock per wheel. Use a torque Wrench whenever possible !

Notice: Impact guns usually cannot be set and/or maintain proper pressure to obtain proper installation torque and should not be used for lock installation. Use of impact guns (pneumatic, electric, etc.) for installation may cause over tightening and permanent damage to lock and key. Never use an impact gun with a key that has a cable or that is attached to another object via a cable or other means.

6) Warranty ?

Please refer to
Especially on the proper installation guidelines !

7) Not Sure ?
Sms/Call me. No obligation Advice

Call/SMS/Watsapp me at 91714138.